Teague Financial Insurance Services (TFS) was founded in 1986 by Jean Strouf and Walt Johnston as the benefits company for Teague Insurance Agency (TIA).  Today,  April Hammett serves as President of TFS and Byron Johnston serves as President of TIA.  We are proud to be one of the largest Health Insurance Broker firms in California.  We work together to provide the best full-service insurance experience to our clients.  

We are proud to be a Premier Broker (in the Top 1%) for almost all of our major California insurance carriers.   

  1. Teague Financial (TFS) specializes in insurance plans for people. 
    • Health, Dental, Life, Vision, Disability, Long Term Care, Part D Drug Plans, Annuities and Retirement Plans.
  2. Teague Insurance Agency (TIA), our larger sister company, specializes in insurance plans for property.
    • Business Liability, Workers Compensation, EPLI, Erros & Omissions, Auto and Home.

Our mission is to help people the best way we know how.  

  • We hire the best Agents and Account Managers. 
  • We ask them to specialize in their departments.  A Jack of All Trades is a Master of None
  • We partner with our carriers to make the system better and to reduce unnecessary costs. 
  • We learn, innovate and improve constantly.  We begin with the end in mind. 

Why use Teague Financial Insurance Services?

  • Our services are at no cost to you.  Yes, free!
  • We rates are the lowest rates available.  Same rate as going direct.
  • We offer the largest selection of plans. 
  • We give you professional, unbiased advice
  • We help expedite your application.  
  • We help with escalated issues.  Our service doesn't end at the sale. 

Always Improving.  We strive to be the best.

We are Insurance. Done Right.